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Cake Smash photo session for your baby’s first birthday.

Birthday Photography

Days fly by like mere moments in the first years of a child's life. In having to constantly care for their child, parents end up not having any time to enjoy special moments to their heart's content. The most important moments are worth capturing not only in our memories, but also in photos and other media. The 1st birthday is the perfect occasion for a photo shoot.

What can the photographer capture in the frame?

The first birthday is an important date for every child and their parents. This is the first holiday that is wholly devoted to the child. The event is naturally accompanied by gifts, increased attention to the baby and, of course, a cake.

For children, the first birthday celebration is a frequent occasion to get acquainted with a festive treat for the first time. The child shows an unprecedented interest in dessert and is interested in bright colors, a combination of decorations, and sweet taste. Such emotions are unique and sincere. Adults are always fascinated by this. That is why a cake smash photo shoot is an opportunity to preserve this atmosphere in the pictures.

First Impression Artwork will help capture these touching moments for clients in Dubai. We are located at Al Barsha 3, Hessa Street, Villa N1 - Dubai, UAE. The studio employs photographers who regularly organize family photo shoots on various topics.

We will do all we can to capture significant moments on various media. Sign up for a photo shoot by calling +971 55 64 34 173, +971 56 35 26 352.

When should I make my order?

It is always best to pre-book your photo shoot to be able to capture your child's reaction to the cake and create inspiring, entertaining, and vivid pictures. You can use the photos for the thematic decoration on the event itself or as photo cards for inviting guests to your baby's first birthday.

Presenting the best photos to your family and friends will allow you to share these important moments with them. You can always return to pictures that you collect in a separate photo album at any time. These photos will be a source of a pleasant feeling of nostalgia for the child when he/she gets older, while allowing the parents to remember the most interesting moments of that period of the family's life, giving loved ones the opportunity to bond and grow even closer.

A good time to shoot will be a few days or weeks before the birthday celebration. Kids change every month as they grow and develop quickly and acquire new skills. Therefore, pre-recording a shoot may fail to reflect all the child's features during that period.

How to prepare for the shoot?
To make the photo shoot go as smoothly as possible and create lasting
memories filled with only positive emotions, be sure to:

  • Prepare things that the child may need beforehand: a change of clothes, hygiene items, a snack, etc.
  • Over a few days, introduce the baby to a small cake for the first time and let it play with the cream and mastic.
  • Take out the cake a few hours before the shoot so that touching it is a more pleasant experience.
A cake smash photographer will capture the child's most interesting moments and emotions to create an exciting, fun, and emotionally charged story about this important event in the life of every family.

Find all sorts of delicious, vividly-decorated small cakes for your photo shoot here Eva Cakes. This is the second project from the creators of the First Impression Artwork photo studio and as such, the quality of the result is guaranteed.