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Relive magical memories with customised 3D baby hand and foot casting

Life Casting

We are First impression

The birth of a child is indeed a significant event in every parent’s life. It’s amazing to see how fast our kids grow up; and as parents, we often feel it’s too soon. First Impression Artwork helps you capture these priceless fleeting moments in mesmerizing 3D & 2D baby hand and feet impressions.

Through 3D baby hand and foot casting, we offer you 99% identical sculptures of hands and feet as well as 2D imprints of your loved one’s palm and foot surface. The high-definition sculptures designed by us incorporate even minute details like your baby’s fingerprints and palm lines.

Through personalised casts, you can relive the precious memories you have shared with your children, from the first time they opened their eyes to the moment they shared their first smile. In addition to choosing between 2D and 3D imprints, we at First Impression also give you the option to frame your memories however you see fit. You can opt for a simple but meaningful single window frame featuring a cast of your little one’s hands or feet.

You can combine photo of your newborn baby with hands and feet impressions in a beautiful frame. You may also use services of our talented Arabic Calligrapher, who will hand write name of your child in mesmerising calligraphy font. If you wish you may also treasure loving memories in a 3D sculpture of parents and child hands available in different combinations.