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How to make unforgettable photos of newborn twins

Couple maternity photoshoot in dubai

Twins are double the joy and double the efforts for the parents. They, of course, want to capture every moment and preserve the memory of their little ones for life. A newborn twins photo shoot is the perfect way to do exactly that.

First Impression Artwork is a photo studio in Dubai, where photographers often work with newborn babies, including twins and triplets. We will make sure the babies and parents are comfortable and we deliver excellent photos.

You can find examples of our work via the link for the Twins package. Make a booking at +971 55 64 34 173 (call/WhatsApp), +971 56 35 26 352 (call/whatsapp). Our studio is located at Al Barsha 3, Hessa Street Villa 12 (N1) - Dubai, UAE.

Photo shoot ideas for twins

There are a lot of popular ideas for newborn twins photo sessions which might interest you.

Family photos with twins

These are classic photos for the whole family together with the twins. The photographer can make shots in different poses that suit the need and capture these moments. They will also help you with poses and angles that will look amazing on the photos .

Photos of siblings with the twins

These photos are a core memory especially for the younger member of the family. Ideally the older siblings are dressed in a similar tone matching the twins outfits. The photographer can suggest what poses will work best for these pictures.

Mom and twins

These photos will be valuable memorabilia for life. It is important to choose comfortable clothing. Wear something loose and comfy so that the mom can do the suitable poses for the shoot. The photographer can recommend most poses and angles that would be best for both mom and twins.

Dad and twins

Dad definitely won’t want to miss such an opportunity. The photographer can propose the most suitable poses for the shots. Here is an idea - the dad holds a twin in each hand.

When is it best to plan for a photo shoot with newborn twins?

A photo session with twins and triplets requires a special approach of planning, especially considering the time needed to do the photo shoot. Twins are usually born prematurely or quite smaller than singletons and almost all twins need special attention and medical care.

It is also important to keep in mind that twins often sleep most of the time but they do take turns and timing is everything. Our photographers can do the shoot even when the babies are 7 weeks old, but it is best not to delay your plans and start preparations beforehand.

Advice before coming to the photo session

To start preparations for the newborn twins’ photo session, identify if they will be preterm or full term. This way you can plan ahead a schedule that can work both for you and the babies.Identifying their gender helps as you plan for the shoot, the photographer can know which theme, outfits and settings to use ti suit your need. You’ll also find out if you wanted to prepare your own clothing in case you have a specific theme in mind.

What to do during a photoshoot of newborn babies?

As a parent, you can do the following during the newborn twins photo session:

  • Prepare the twins by feeding them fully and bathing them before the shoot to keep them in their sleepy state.
  • Prepare additional diapers, towels and clothes to change into. Extra milk is a key to keeping them calm as multiple feeds are needed throughout the session.
  • Discuss the ideas for the photo shoot, especially if you want to include specific elements.
  • Rest up and relax, trust the professional that will take care of your children and create great memories for you.
  • It is advisable to have an extra pair of hands to help you out in the photo session of newborn babies. First, this can be useful to ensure the babies are comfortable and are attended to at the same time in a real time manner. . Second, this will ease the photographer’s work, thereby allowing him to focus on his job without getting distracted.

By following simple tips and experimenting with various poses and props, you can get amazing and memorable photos that you and your children will cherish throughout your lives. A newborn twins photo session is an opportunity to capture moments of joy and love.