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How to prepare for a pregnant photoshoot in Dubai, UAE?

Motherhood photoshoot

Expecting a child is a wonderful time that brings with it unforgettable emotions and impressions. Many pregnant women want to capture these unique moments so that they can later reminisce about them at any time.

A photoshoot for pregnant women is a genuinely touching and exciting event. Each photoshoot requires an individual approach, a special mood and incredible emotions. All these feelings will be visible in the photos you make. That’s why it’s always interesting to look at photographs from when you were pregnant since they tell a much deeper story than regular photos can.

This sort of photoshoot is popular all over the world. Ladies in Dubai would like to treat themselves to such an event while expecting a child. To get colorful and high-quality photos, it’s better to turn to professionals.

First Impression Artwork photo studio organizes photoshoots for pregnant women in Dubai. We pay close attention to every wish of the client and will make sure the photos are up to the standard.

Contact us in any way convenient for you and we’ll discuss the details.

Feel free to call us at +971 55 64 34 173, +971 56 35 26 352, leave a request on our website or visit our studio located at Al Barsha 3, Hessa Street, Villa 12 (N1) Dubai, UAE any day of the week from 10:00 to 18:00.

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When expecting, ladies want to capture these once in a lifetime incredible, tender moments.. To secure an amazing result, it’s best to prepare for the shoot in advance. To do this, check out key tips from experts.


The best time to hold a photoshoot is when you’re 7–8 months pregnant. This is when the belly is already visible without much physical constraints yet for the mommy to be. This means you’ll be able to see your excitement at the coming miracle in all its colors without too much exhaustion.

If you plan to hold several photoshoots, we recommend the first one taking place during your second trimester, at 5-6 months, when the belly is just beginning to show through. This will create a strong contrast between the photos.


We recommend looking through various photoshoot options in advance to gain inspiration, as well as identify the best-looking poses, ideas and finishes. Clients usually turn to the First Impression Artwork catalog in search of good ideas. Here you can find the best ideas and accessories that will help you bring them to life. You can also use thematic services, stock photos or social media.

This will allow you to amass a set of ideas to then discuss with a professional how to best realize them. Specialists don’t mind unique requests and will implement them, if possible. This will make the photos even more personal.


For such a sensual photo session, choosing the right location is crucial. Together with a professional from the First Impression Artwork photo studio, you can choose the best place for your shoot among the list of verified options.


We highly recommend finding a makeup artist. A professional will be able to do your makeup that meets the needs of a pregnant woman, something that will be very much noticeable in the photos. Not to mention that a makeup artist will ensure that the makeup will harmonize with the lady’s look in general.


Before the start of the photo session, we recommend discussing your key ideas and wishes with a professional. Even a brief discussion will significantly increase the level of mutual understanding, helping ensure a result that meets your expectations. A professional can also help pick out the setting and props, offer a catalog of available opportunities from the studio and find the best solutions to fulfill all your wishes.

For a photo shoot, please contact us via the following contact details.