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Photo Shoot for Pregnant Women on the Dubai Beach

Maternity photoshoot in the beach

Pregnancy is an exciting period full of anticipation of real happiness and a miracle, the memories of which you want to preserve forever. A photo shoot on the beach at sunset in Dubai is a great opportunity to capture the wonderful time waiting for a baby. These images will later be cherished by your future generations. The lighting in the pictures is fabulous, and the last rays of the sun will perfectly emphasize the tummy. You will receive magical pictures that convey the happiness and love of future parents.

A photo shoot for pregnant women at the beach by our photographers is a great way to convey your feelings and emotions, your style and character. You'll feel comfortable, relaxed and confident, and you won't be pressed. We know how to create magic, and we pay attention to every detail. Our professional photographers will find the best poses, which look natural and comfortable, the correct hair style and accessories, if needed. We provide clothes for the photo shoot, as well as accessories and props. All our dresses are very beautiful, expensive and elegant. They are hand-sewn by talented fashion designers from Europe.

Beach Photo Shoot
for Pregnant Women:
Useful Information

  • It is best if you take a photo at 32 - 36 weeks pregnant. During this period, the tummy will be visible, but at the same time you will feel comfortable, you will be able to pose.

  • The key to a successful photo shoot on the beach is good weather. Clear weather, beautiful blue sky and breathtaking clouds, water surfaces in which the surrounding nature is reflected, are able to create fabulous pictures. But, unlike studio photography, even the most experienced and professional photographer cannot control the weather. Beach photo shoots are done in a very short time period: from November to March. And if you are lucky enough to be on time this short beach season, you will find comfortable cool clear weather, no humidity, with beautiful blue skies. We recommend to book a beach photo shooting for pregnant women in advance.

  • You can bring your parents, other family members, and friends with you. But extra participants must be informed beforehand, since some outdoor shootings need permission.

For a photo shoot, please contact us via the following contact details.